“So happy together…we’re happy together…So happy together”

Two Hole Seed Beads are the gateway to innovative design 

Duo’s…Twins… Rulla’s…Tila’s…Tiles,  it seems like everybody is buzzing about all of the new choices available in the marketplace. 

Two Hole beads have not only brought a welcome level of added stability to jewelry designs, but have also opened up a world of new creative possibilities. They  work beautifully  with just about any other seed beads or crystals you might have in your shop, or personal stash. Just mix, match, and bead….. 
Find Two Hole beads at your favorite local Bead Shop……..


“Ssssufferin Soutache” 

Bold, colorful, and hot as can be, Soutache Jewelry has officially “arrived”. 
Soutache braid is a common element in the colorful trims, braids, and tassles used  in the French art of passementerie.
Bead Embroiderers, drawn to the  the wide variety of Soutache colors, and textures, began earnestly experimenting stacking, and shaping braids into solid bases,where beads and cabachons could be added. The results of this experimentation can be seen in beautiful  photos on websites, and in industry magazines around the world. 
To meet the growing demand for Soutache braids, we have  developed a range of products with renown American Soutache artist, Amee K Sweet.

 For your consideration……….

  •  65 colors of Soutache braid on retail friendly cards and larger spools.
  •  23 colors of ultra suede, and our new Beadsmith Beading Foundation. 
  • Amee’s wonderful book, Soutache & Bead Embroidery, which teaching three basic shapes to get started.
  •  A collection of Soutache Jewelry kits